Cash Back Without The Hastle: Why You Should Download “Dosh”

So one of my new goals for 2018 is to stay connected through my blog and get my thoughts down in writing if nothing else. I already know I will hit my first goal of blogging once a month in January because I have another post in the works, but this was too good not to share! If you know James in ‘real life’ you know he is a master at bringing money in/saving money and he’s at it again! I think I could have lived my whole life and never would have known about this awesome app, so I am sure glad he found it! Here’s his review of it:

I’m passionate about many things, but some I am more passionate about than others. One thing I’m particularly passionate about is helping my friends make money and save money especially when it happens with little to no effort. I have recently found an amazing way to help my friends save and make money yet again! I plan to post about a few of them in the upcoming weeks, but this post is about Dosh (such a weird name).

I saw a friend post about Dosh and how much cash back they already received. I was skeptical as usual so I decided to do a lot of research. The first thing I noticed was that it had 4.5 out of 5 stars in the App Store with over 11,000 reviews. That’s pretty crazy because I never see ratings that high. I realized that it does pretty much the same thing that Ebates and Ibotta do except it’s like those apps on steroids! With Dosh there’s†cash back without the hassle:dosh cashAnd if you’re a skeptic like me you’d probably like to know that they have partnered with over 100,000 businesses as of April 2017 and are continually adding more. You’ve heard of many of them including Sam’s Club, Wal-mart, Forever 21, Macy’s, Sheraton, Avis, Wendyís, Brookstone, Barnes & Noble, The Ritz-Carlton, Target, Neiman Marcus and The Home Depot to name a few.

dosh cash partners

It is SO SIMPLE to use! I downloaded it less than 2 weeks ago and have already earned over $200 without doing much of anything at all!†dosh cash app
The best part is that it shows me how much my friends that I introduced to it have earned as well! While I earned just over $200 in less than two weeks, my friends have earned†$270.18! Now that makes me happy knowing that I was able to help my friends earn that much money in such a short amount of time!

dosh cash app referral

This is how you get started:

Step 1: Download the Dosh app†using this link and get $5 when you complete Step 2

Step 2: Link your credit card(s)*

Step 3: Go about your life 🙂

*This is where I was most skeptical, but when I discovered that Dosh uses the same security as major banks and that your credit card information isn’t stored, I linked my first credit card in a jiffy.

My first experience with how it works came when I bought 4 items at Sam’s Club. By the time I walked out the door I had a notification from the app showing me how I earned 63 cents at checkout! How crazy is that!? I literally didn’t do anything different than I normally do when checking out at Sam’s Club! 63 cents doesn’t sound like much, but every little bit adds up especially when we go to Sam’s Club often and order from Wal-mart grocery pickup all the time (another partner with Dosh).dosh cash app

I’ve already seen so many friends kicking themselves for missing out on deals on travel or normal purchases because they waited to get the app. After they realized they could’ve cut their hotel stay in half they quickly downloaded Dosh and started using it. Don’t be like those friends. Get on it today. 🙂

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are ìaffiliate links.î This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissionís 16 CFR, Part 255: ìGuides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.î



Note to self: please don’t forget this!

If you had a chance to travel back in time and asked me what I want to be when I grow up, there’s a strong chance that my answer would be “I want to be a mom.” I’ve always known that this was the path I was called to, but the details of my dreams were different. I never thought to dream of working for myself (not even on my radar,) I never (ever, ever, ever,) thought I would end up in the South, (seriously, never, ever,😆) yet, here I am.
But today…today was another day from my dreams. To anyone else, it would be completely forgetful, but to me, I am praying I remember the moment and joy of the day always. What was it that was so special? Watching Henry intentionally put his snacks into a bowl, one by one, and then take them out to do it all over again. He was so focused and careful, and with each piece, he would look up to see if I was looking. I cheered and clapped with each successful sorting like no one has ever sorted anything so well, and with a look of pride, he would smile his full-mouth smile and bring his hands clasped to his chest under his chin. He was proud of himself and looked to me for affirmation, and I was there to give it to him. I felt, and feel, so honored. 
After this, James and I decided we were going to walk the kids down to the brand new park in their wagon after Camille’s nap. (Camille was the very first kid to play on the playground earlier today. She approves!)  I told Henry we needed to change his diaper, put on his socks, pants, and shoes, and then we could go. If you have ever been privileged enough to change Henry’s diaper, you know that it is an amazing workout, as well as elite training for alligator wrestling. It almost always ends in some tears (not always from Henry. ha!) I was pleasantly surprised when he obediently stayed still and changing his diaper was nearly effortless. It was time to finish getting dressed, so we sat on the floor with him in my lap. Now, here were the wiggles I expected. I only got through one shoe before he squirmed, rolled, and wiggled his way out of my arms and walked to my bedroom door. He insisted on going in and I was left thinking “Oh, boy. What will he get into now…” but instead of getting into any trouble or things he should not have, he came back out grinning from ear to ear and holding his other shoe! Our observant little man realized I had dropped one of his shoes when I didn’t and was on a mission to bring it to me to put on his other foot. He was ready to go play at the park! With how wild Henry can be, and I mean, WILD, I sometimes underestimate his comprehension of everything around him. Proud mama moment for sure! 

The cherry on top of these sweet moments was the actual trip to the park. Both kids were squealing with joy over the slides, merry-go-round, and swings. I love seeing the world through their eyes and these Rutter babies were like the king and queen of the world with the wind in their hair and the sun shining down as they played. (The funny thing is, I was walking the merry-go-round around in the circle and we were there for 20 minutes. Based on their reactions it was like they were zooming full speed and we played all day! 😉 ) On the walk home, Henry leaned across the wagon several times and gave Camille a hug and then she gave him a kiss which he reciprocated. MELT. MY. HEART.

So, like I said, if you’re reading this, there’s a solid chance you don’t think much of it as is, and even if you think it’s sweet, you’ll likely forget about it down the road. To me? This is what life is about. This is what I dreamt of. The love and joy personified in my family. In these beautiful, sweet souls I have been gifted to raise along with my husband. I am so, so grateful for all the ‘yes’ moments that brought me here. Our life is not perfect (as no ones is,) but today is a day I am praising God for bringing me to the road less traveled. Thanking Him that my life is different than I dreamed it would be because it is better. It meant that I got to be my son’s biggest cheerleader today, that I was able to be awed and surprised by him, and that James and I got to witness such innocent love that I pray will last a lifetime between these two built-in-best-friends. Thank you, Lord, for this day!  Psalm 118: 24

Sloppy Joes, Sloppy Sloppy Joes

I used to enjoy Sloppy Joes as a kid but for some unknown reason stopped eating them for years. It wasn’t until I moved in with Michelle in Baton Rouge (who LOVES Sloppy Joes) that they even popped up on my radar again. and again. and again. Now they are a ‘go-to’ on our weekly menu! Of course, I searched for the BEST recipe out there and then made it even healthier. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
Modified by Mariah Rutter
Recipe type: Main Dish, Entree, Beef
Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 1 hour
Total time: 1 hour 10 mins
Serves: 4-6 servings

2 Tablespoons Grass-fed Butter (KerryGold or another similar brand)
½ Cup Onion, diced fine
1 Red Bell Pepper (I actually use more to add veggies in. I will also be adding cauliflower next time for more sneaky veggies!)
1½ Teaspoons Garlic, minced
1 Pound Ground Beef (we use 93% lean) or 1 Pound Ground Turkey
1½ Tablespoons Coconut Sugar
2 Tablespoons Dijon Mustard
2 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
¾ Teaspoon Liquid Smoke (Wright’s Liquid Smoke is a good option. Check the labels!)
1 Tablespoon Chili Powder
1 Teaspoon Smoked Paprika
1 Cup Ketchup (My suggestion would be Annie’s or another healthier option)
¼ Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
Salt and Pepper to taste
Buns for serving (We don’t always do the buns, but when we do I use GF ones)


Heat a dutch oven or skillet over medium heat and add the butter. Once melted, quickly add the onion and stir occasionally until translucent. Add the peppers and garlic and stir occasionally for 1 minute then add the ground beef/turkey and break it up with a wooden spoon, stirring it all together. Allow to cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Add the coconut sugar, mustard, Worcestershire, liquid smoke, chili powder, and paprika. Stir for 30 seconds and then add the ketchup and vinegar. Allow to cook for 5 minutes, season to taste and serve or cook up to 1 hour on low and then serve. The longer it cooks the better the flavor.
Scoop onto buns that have been brushed with butter.
This can be made in the slow cooker, but you may want to double it if your slow cooker is a regular sized dish. Make sure you stir every now and again and only cook on low up to 3-4 hours as you don’t want it to scorch.

ENJOY! If you try this I would love to know what you think in the comments. 🙂

A Life without Pizza Is Not the Life for Me

Pizza, oh Pizza. Is there any other way to start this post than with a Haiku I found via Google? I think not.


Simple. Moving. Accurate. Delicious.

I have a very hard time choosing ‘favorites’ in nearly every category, but when it comes to food, you really can just forget it. Too many delicious options to pick one. However, let’s just say that if I had to make a Top 8 List, Myspace style, Pizza would definitely have a permanent spot.


I couldn’t resist this reference.😂

My appreciation for pizza and all the never ending options out there is serious, so you can imagine the internal struggle I faced when I willingly decided to embrace a paleo way of eating. I knew I felt better when I ate this way, but, but pizza. No grains or cheese? No problemo my friend! I’ve GOT this. That doesn’t apply to pizza though, right? RIGHT?! In the timeless words of the Arrested Development cast, I couldn’t help but think to myself “I’ve made a huge mistake.

Slowly, I came around to the idea that this was what I wanted to do for myself and health and if I didn’t do it then, I don’t know if I ever would have. Many of my processed and unhealthy favorites (i.e. junk food) got the boot when I changed my eating habits and I truly did/do feel better, but it was a process getting to where we are today where I very rarely miss them. Vanessa, the mastermind behind Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind , put it perfectly in her new book regarding the “stages of paleo.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.00.57 AM

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Part of the journey to acceptance and where we are now is an 80/20 approach. We stick to the paleo guidelines 80% of the time, and the other 20% we enjoy foods that fall outside those guidelines and ‘treat’ meals that are SO not paleo. This helps us to keep our balance and feel our best. Another part of the journey was learning how to cook and bake. I am a big fan of spiralized veggies or spaghetti squash in place of noodles, cauliflower rice/mash/crust, etc., and all substitutions that help you enjoy close to your old favorites without feeling deprived. There are plenty of Pinterest recipes out there that can get you close to the real thing, (I’ve pretty much pinned them all!😁) but when I need to recreate something as dear to my heart as pizza, I don’t mess around. I go straight to the genius that is Brittany Angell. This woman knows what’s up. She never ceases to amaze me with her skills of taking healthier ingredients, often grain/dairy/sugar free so that people with allergies and intolerances can enjoy their food too, and turning these ingredients into masterful dishes you would NEVER guess are healthy. I discovered her Grain Free Thick Pizza Crust about a year or so ago and it has been a staple in our household ever since. I thought I’d pay it forward and share that with y’all today.



Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.39.45 PMNotes:

I didn’t have Psyllium Husk when I first discovered this recipe, so I have always substituted Xantham Gum in its place.

Brush the partially baked crust with a little oil before adding the toppings. Confession: I use Olive oil spray to grease the parchment paper, my hands when spreading the dough, and the partially baked crust. I’ve found it to be easier and less of a mess.

Brittany mentioned that this crust doesn’t absorb much sauce and she was definitely right! (I may or may not have learned the hard way.) I personally use tomato paste cut with a little oil or watered down and seasoned to my liking. If you do use a pre-made pizza sauce be mindful about how much you use, or else you could end up with a mess on your hands.

The great thing about having a tried and true crust like this is that you are free to tailor it to whatever type of pizza you’re feeling that day. Go paleo and do a ‘meatza’ with just sauce, toppings, and meat of your choice! Go Hawaiian and add pineapple and ham! I’m personally a big fan of mushroom, onion, green pepper, garlic, black olives, spinach, and some sausage. YUM! The more veggies, the better in my book. James loves his sausage or pepperoni. If you tolerate it well, go classic and even add your favorite cheese…in moderation of course! 🙂 Another option that we have used from time to time is Daiya, a non-dairy ‘cheese’ that is a close enough substitute when you’re avoiding dairy. What is your favorite kind of pizza? I’m always up for new suggestions for us to try and would love to hear from you!

See, what had happened was…

Um…So I know it was over two nine(?!) months ago  a really, really long time ago that I last wrote about the adventures that I call life. I had just filled you all in on my move to Baton Rouge and a very newly reawakened faith. I would love to share in detail the ups and downs that transpired over the last few years following, but so much has changed so quickly that I think I’ll hit fast forward and write about a few occurrences until we’re all up-to-date. This way I can write in the present tense and save myself lots of confusion. Okay? OKAY!

I completely fell in love with Baton Rouge and to this day miss it regularly. I have already bragged on Michelle, so you know my roomie was the greatest, but the people in my life were amazing and made the biggest difference. From my classmates and faculty in the grad program, to the friends through church and small group who really became more like family, I couldn’t have asked for greater relationships. My faith was continuing to grow and this shaped every daily experience. I felt myself slowly growing and becoming little by little who He was calling me to be.

Now that I knew there was a calling on my life-not that I knew what it was just yet- I was better able to be obedient when I felt the Holy Spirit leading me. It wasn’t always easy, in fact, there were (and still are) many times when it was hard, overwhelming, or just down right scary, but I rested in the Truth of who Jesus was, is, and will always be, and stepped out in faith. This confidence, not in myself or my abilities, but in Him, got me through some of the lowest valleys and brought me to some of the highest mountain tops. As I experienced this ever growing love for The Lord, my faith was put to the test as my family went through one of the most painful experiences we had ever faced. At the same time, to my surprise, I began to feel very strongly that Speech Pathology was not what I was supposed to do with my life. I decided to take a break to discern what my next step was supposed to be.

While on this break Michelle decided she was going to get healthier and invited me to join her. I was (VERY) hesitant and (REALLY) skeptical at first because I doubted that anything would work for me at this point (more to come on this later!), but I saw her have amazing results beyond the scale and decided to give in. I had no idea that this simple invitation to a lifestyle change would completely transform my life in every way. My weight and size were numbers I thought I had long laid to rest without absolutely starving, but there I was eating more than I had in years and looking and feeling my very best! I couldn’t believe that something as simple as fantastic nutrition and focusing on quality over quantity had allowed me to achieve this. My confidence and determination to become the best version of myself, in every area of my life, was greater than ever. I found myself surrounded by even more people of character and integrity and my vision for my future began to grow. I certainly had a long road ahead of me and was (and still am!) very far from perfect, but once again things were working to move me closer to who God was calling me to be. I also made some wonderful friendships that added so much value to my life.


You said it, sister!

Danielle was one of these friends that I was grateful to have. She helped me every step of the way with patience and encouragement as I worked toward my goals. When you’re talking almost daily it’s just natural to grow close and I was thankful for the wisdom she shared with me on relationships, faith, health, etc. and a whole lot of laughs! She’s one wise woman with a great sense of humor! (Or at the very least, she’s kind enough to always laugh at my jokes and awkward situations 😛 ) Turns out, she is also a fabulous matchmaker! I had no idea that when she introduced me to her friend, James, that she was introducing me to the man I would marry. Our story deserves its very own post, so at the rate I write, be sure to look for that in the next few years haha!


Seriously, doesn’t she just look like a professional matchmaker?! I owe you one, Danielle 😉

On a more serious note, James was truly an answered prayer. I had been regularly praying and journaling throughout my move to Baton Rouge regarding a variety of things and very early on prayed for my future husband. I prayed for who he might be, protection over him, for his heart, for us, traits and characteristics that I valued in a man, and more. I had no idea when or if this prayer would be answered, but I knew that I wouldn’t say ‘yes’ to someone who didn’t love Jesus more than he loved me. I was ready to wait and truly had peace with being single, so imagine my surprise when Danielle introduced James and me over Thanksgiving of 2013 and it was an instant connection. After dating for several months we were engaged on January 18th and married by May 9th, 2014! It was a whirlwind of a time highlighted by the most beautiful wedding we could have asked for and hearts overflowing with joy and love. Never in a million years did I think that would be my love story. I had always been a ‘long term dating’ kind of gal, but everything with James was so different and covered in peace, that I knew it was exactly how it was supposed to be. The few doubts that creeped in momentarily were rooted in what others might think and that’s a pretty silly reason to do or not do anything in life, don’t you agree?


A little photobooth fun with the love of my life ❤

With two and a half months of marriage under our belts-we were practically pros- and completely open to the blessing of children whenever the day was meant to be, we found out we were expecting! A whole lot of life was packed into those 40 weeks and 8 days in more ways than one, but finally, in March of 2015 we welcomed our sweet Camille into the world. 🙂



So much joy from such a tiny person.

Oh, the sweetness of being this little girl’s mommy and daddy!! I always relate to the Grinch because every. single. day. my heart grows more and more with love for her!

My heart also grows more and more with gratitude for the opportunity that we said ‘yes’ to because since day one of Camille’s life I have been able to be home with her as the primary influence in her world. This simple fact is why I am passionate about paying forward the opportunity afforded to me and sharing what is truly possible here. I never saw myself working from home like this, but I also never saw myself at home with my kids aside from in my dreams, and those usually entailed a large inheritance or marrying a surprise millionaire. Anyone know the odds of those coming to fruition? 😛

Motherhood certainly has not been easy every step of the way, but knowing that I’m the one that gets to sooth Camille when she’s upset, kiss a boo boo and make it better, instill our family values in her (okay, at this point we’re working on the fundamentals, but one day we’ll get there 😉 ) or laugh at something completely nonsensical until we’re both about to burst, makes all the less glamorous moments pale in comparison. James and I are abundantly blessed with the happiest little girl and truly wouldn’t trade this vocation for anything. Over the last 14+ months, we learned to grow together even more during the late nights, teething, the scariest experience with RSV, and everything else in between. And I have to say, seeing James love our daughter so well, better than I even knew he’d be capable of doing, makes me fall even more in love with him daily. I’m undoubtedly chopped liver when Dada is around, but I don’t even care! In fact, I am grateful! Our little girl gets to experience what so many in this world do not; a father who ADORES her, cherishes her, guides her, and reveals just a portion of our Father’s love for her.


An oldie, but goodie of my two loves.

Their bond is an even greater confirmation that we are doing exactly what we have been called to do and before too much time passes us by, James will be home full-time too. Oh what a day that will be! I will love it for a plethora of reasons, but come August or September, depending on if this little peanut takes after his or her perpetually late mama, there will be TWO little Rutters running around and Lord knows I’ll need the help! 😀  So that’s about it! Clearly there has been much more amidst the highlights I have shared, but I believe we are up to speed and maybe, just maybe, I can write regularly now? 🙂 We shall see!

A Thought for Tuesday

Here’s what I’m reflecting on today: As school is starting back up I am reminded of all my teacher friends who pour their hearts out into their students. They do their very best for so many children making quite the impact, I know it!! Thanks y’all! You are overworked & underpaid, but please know how much you are appreciated!
With that being said, it is NOT their responsibility to ensure that our youth turn out to be model citizens. It never has been and never will be. This responsibility has always belonged to and will always belong to us, the parents! WE are the ones who determine the future of our families and country by how well we raise up our children. This can work in combination with the other mentors our kids have (teachers, coaches, etc.) or it can work against it, but it still is the primary influence. So what does this tell me? It tells me that I have to get to work!! I have to stay dedicated to becoming the best version of myself, so that Camille & any future children we have can have a model of virtues and values. When I think of the most well rounded children I know, the ones I am constantly impressed by, 9 times out of 10 I can look at their parents and find a mentor. They are men & women who are constantly seeking wisdom & serving others. These are the parents I hope to be like. 

 Sometimes it can feel like we have an uphill battle, I know it. However, what would happen if we swapped out complaining about the way this world is, worrying about the direction it’s heading, or worst of all remaining indifferent, and instead did the most impactful thing we can do? Change! Grow! Can you even imagine how different things would be in our homes, communities, states, country on a short term & long term timeline? 

That’s what I will be working to do, at least. I don’t want to simply raise good kids. That’s nice, but I know that we can do even better if we set the bar higher. I know James & I will be dedicated to raising great kids who grow into great adults. 

Honey, Listen, Listen! (goldfish thought número uno)

Anyone that knows me knows my mind runs about a mile a minute, or it stands still. I’m either thinking about a million and one things at a time, on to the next big thought, or practically nothing at all. Very rarely do I have a happy medium. This has led me to develop several bad habits like interrupting or only half listening and I HATE it.

We-don’t-learn-from-talking-we-learn-from-listening I can only imagine how frustrating it is to be on the other side of a conversation with me feeling like I don’t care about what that person has to say, because I DO care. I WANT to be a good listener. I want to take in what my friends and family are saying to me because what they have to say is valuable and deserves to be heard. Even if it’s just a casual conversation, I want them to know it matters to me. YOU matter to me! 24159-one-of-the-most-sincere-forms-of-respect-is-actually-listeningThis is even more important to me now that Camille is here. I want that sweet baby girl to know how precious she really is to me and I can’t do that by giving her my divided attention. SO…I’m going to put an end to this bad habit ASAP…but I need your help! I might not like it every time, but if you and I are speaking on the phone, or face-to-face and it seems like I’m not giving you the attention you deserve, PLEASE call me out on it. I am a big fan of constructive criticism. Sometimes we really need a little outside perspective to grow and become the better version of ourselves. (Although I can guarantee that I’ll respond better to gentle and respectful feedback vs. harsh critics 😉 )PR_Take Leadership from the Most Impacted_Accountability Cycle

I want to grow and get better in this area. I want people to know how much I love and care about them. Whether you’re my husband (hey James!) or the cashier at the grocery store, you deserve that from me. So please…help a sista out! I WILL BECOME A GOOD LISTENER!ToLoveIsToListen3