Honey, Listen, Listen! (goldfish thought número uno)

Anyone that knows me knows my mind runs about a mile a minute, or it stands still. I’m either thinking about a million and one things at a time, on to the next big thought, or practically nothing at all. Very rarely do I have a happy medium. This has led me to develop several bad habits like interrupting or only half listening and I HATE it.

We-don’t-learn-from-talking-we-learn-from-listening I can only imagine how frustrating it is to be on the other side of a conversation with me feeling like I don’t care about what that person has to say, because I DO care. I WANT to be a good listener. I want to take in what my friends and family are saying to me because what they have to say is valuable and deserves to be heard. Even if it’s just a casual conversation, I want them to know it matters to me. YOU matter to me! 24159-one-of-the-most-sincere-forms-of-respect-is-actually-listeningThis is even more important to me now that Camille is here. I want that sweet baby girl to know how precious she really is to me and I can’t do that by giving her my divided attention. SO…I’m going to put an end to this bad habit ASAP…but I need your help! I might not like it every time, but if you and I are speaking on the phone, or face-to-face and it seems like I’m not giving you the attention you deserve, PLEASE call me out on it. I am a big fan of constructive criticism. Sometimes we really need a little outside perspective to grow and become the better version of ourselves. (Although I can guarantee that I’ll respond better to gentle and respectful feedback vs. harsh critics 😉 )PR_Take Leadership from the Most Impacted_Accountability Cycle

I want to grow and get better in this area. I want people to know how much I love and care about them. Whether you’re my husband (hey James!) or the cashier at the grocery store, you deserve that from me. So please…help a sista out! I WILL BECOME A GOOD LISTENER!ToLoveIsToListen3



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