A Thought for Tuesday

Here’s what I’m reflecting on today: As school is starting back up I am reminded of all my teacher friends who pour their hearts out into their students. They do their very best for so many children making quite the impact, I know it!! Thanks y’all! You are overworked & underpaid, but please know how much you are appreciated!
With that being said, it is NOT their responsibility to ensure that our youth turn out to be model citizens. It never has been and never will be. This responsibility has always belonged to and will always belong to us, the parents! WE are the ones who determine the future of our families and country by how well we raise up our children. This can work in combination with the other mentors our kids have (teachers, coaches, etc.) or it can work against it, but it still is the primary influence. So what does this tell me? It tells me that I have to get to work!! I have to stay dedicated to becoming the best version of myself, so that Camille & any future children we have can have a model of virtues and values. When I think of the most well rounded children I know, the ones I am constantly impressed by, 9 times out of 10 I can look at their parents and find a mentor. They are men & women who are constantly seeking wisdom & serving others. These are the parents I hope to be like. 

 Sometimes it can feel like we have an uphill battle, I know it. However, what would happen if we swapped out complaining about the way this world is, worrying about the direction it’s heading, or worst of all remaining indifferent, and instead did the most impactful thing we can do? Change! Grow! Can you even imagine how different things would be in our homes, communities, states, country on a short term & long term timeline? 

That’s what I will be working to do, at least. I don’t want to simply raise good kids. That’s nice, but I know that we can do even better if we set the bar higher. I know James & I will be dedicated to raising great kids who grow into great adults. 

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